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Our parking management software catches all vehicle violations with photos, time, and location details.

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Our EasyALPR mobile app instantly recognizes and reads license plates.

Major Time Saver

Our automated parking solutions reduce work hours without compromising quality.


Instant Notifications

Review parking violations and immediately take action while you’re on patrol.

Indisputable Proof

Our app provides evidence to verify suspected violations.

Catch Parking Pirates with the EasyALPR Parking Enforcer

The Parking Enforcer lets you instantly spot short-term parking violations. This car park monitoring software makes it all too easy to catch vehicles that are overstaying their welcome. It works for vehicle blacklists and whitelists. Nothing will slip through your watchful eye.

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EasyALPR iPhone and iPad App

Download the License Plate Scanner App for Free

The EasyALPR iPhone and iPad App simplifies record keeping in parking management. Simply point your iPhone or iPad camera toward the license plate. A green box will appear around the license plate when the app is reading it. It lets you scan vehicles in minutes and alerts you through email or text if a parking violation is found. Download this free license scanning tool on the App Store today.



Find the Right Price for the Features You Need

EasyALPR makes it easy for you to choose the right plan: Demo, Professional, or Enterprise. Study the features of each one and how they correspond to each plan’s respective price. Sign up in as fast as 30 seconds. And experience better parking management that allows you to maximize resources and revenue. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan whenever you want. Pick a plan today.

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  • FREE, Payment info not required
  • Scan unlimited vehicles
  • Some product limitations
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  • Professional
  • $79.99 / month, 17% off annual
  • One Patrol Route / Up to 250 Parking Spaces
  • Excellent Product Support
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  • Enterprise
  • Please inquire
  • Multiple Patrol Routes / Unlimited Parking Spaces
  • Priority Email and Phone Support
  • Custom product enhancements
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

License plates results are only visible after a free trial begun which requires a submission of payment details
Whitelist rules contain lists of license plates that are authorized to park within a given location, therefore users are only alerted of violations once a license plate is recognized that’s not currently on the whitelist. These rules are best to verify that all current parkers have received permission to park
Blacklist rules work in reverse of whitelist rules and are therefore used to identify specific license plates that are restricted from parking within a location. These rules are best for ensuring employees are not parked within customer parking and vice versa.
First, ensure notifications are set to on. Next, verify that “max sightings” rules are removed. Finally, confirm that your current email and phone number details are accurate.
Patrol routes are measured on a daily basis, therefore with a 250 parking space route, users are able to scan 250 license plates each day.
Yes, we do provide iPhones for certain Enterprise clients, please reach out directly for more details.
No problem. Please reach out to us directly and we would be happy to create this integration for you.

Set Your Timezone

Your vehicle data is displayed using your localized timezone. Be sure that yours is set correctly in Settings.

Set Your Notification Preferences

You can be alerted by either email or SMS or both any time a vehicle is found to be in violation of a rule on a Patrol Route. Edit how you receive notifications here.

The "Uploaded" count on the app includes some duplicate vehicle data, and sometimes invalid scans such as fences, window blinds or other non-license plate information. Although the mobile app screens out some of this before uploading, additional filtering is done on the web app before it is included in your data.

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EasyALPR provides comprehensive parking management and vehicle identification systems. Our license plate reader is the only one designed to operate entirely on mobile devices, making the job more convenient for you. Tell us about your parking management needs. Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you with solutions.