If you have a list of permitted vehicles that are allowed to use your private parking lot, you may find some people park illegally despite clear signage.

For example, if you have a private employees-only parking lot for authorized personnel only at a business.

Upload and Manage Your Vehicle Whitelist

Upload a spreadsheet of allowed vehicles, or add them one-by-one using the Parking Defender Vehicle Manager.

Patrol your Lot Using the EasyALPR Scanning App

Use the EasyALPR app for iPhone to sign in and start scanning your lot on patrol. The app makes it simple to quickly collect vehicle information with no manual entry.

Improve traffic flow and Take Action With a Smart Parking Solution

Parking Defender send you a notification when a suspected violation has been found. This gives you the time to focus on taking the necessary action, whether it be a citation, a warning or calling in a tow.